Tucher Helles Hefeweizen - Can - 500ml - 5.2%

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With traditional German flavors, the taste of delicious Tucher cans is attractive and loved by many people.
With these 500ml cans of beer, Tucher becomes easier to use, easy to drink and especially easy in the chilling phase. Beer is stored in cans, but still retains its inherent attractive flavor.
With these 5.2% beer cans, users can slowly sip and experience a mild and charismatic beer taste. German beer cans are made mainly from wheat, making the beer taste mild and not too harsh. This is a plus point for users to comfortably enjoy.
Beer made from wheat, fermented with hops and malt will help Tucher own a distinct highlight. It will be a mild scent, accompanied by a slight citrus flavor and finally a lingering sensation on the tip of the tongue.


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