Oranjeboom 16 (Can) - 500ml - 16%

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Oranjeboom Premium Imported Beer 5.0% 330ml Bottle-Drinking beer has gradually become an attractive and impressive culture. Because, the attractive beer will help people relax, relieve stress. Because of that, beer is the favorite drink today. One of the quite popular beer line, not to mention the Netherlands. And typical of them, a representative from lager beer - Oranjeboom certainly will not let you down.
Dutch beer is made from the basic ingredients in the brewing technology: malt, hops, barley and purified water. These components are selected quite carefully, then put into production. All to ensure a quality beer with the most unique flavor.
The yellow beer is quite impressive and eye-catching. Scored with a fine white foam layer on top, brings a sense of enjoyment when watching.
Especially, when enjoying, you will feel the gentle taste. Fragrant aroma of herbs, malt of beer. Add some characteristic bitterness of hops. All combine to create a quite interesting mixture when enjoying.


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