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Premium beer, best of the Netherlands!


If you want to understand how beer can change a whole community, look no further than Jopen brewery. At the time it was founded, Jopen van Haarlem was commissioned to give the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands a whole new look for the city’s 750th anniversary. How? By recreating traditional old Haarlem beer.

Premium beer, best of the Netherlands!

Within the city’s archives were 200 year-old recipes for beer; one from 1407, which resulted in Koyt, and another from 1501, making the Hoppenbier. The latter was the beer used for the festivities in 1994, and ultimately the first beer ever brewed by Jopen.

"Jopen is a historic name that we discovered when we started brewing," explains founder Michel Ordeman. "It refers to a 112-liter wooden barrel that was used in Haarlem to transport beer."


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