Flying Monkeys 12 Minutes to Destiny Raspberry Lager (Can) - 473ml - 4.1%

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Whilst contemplating a refreshing, unique, botanical libation, we noticed something in the room that smelled great. Someone had hibiscus tea. Hey, we thought, let’s make a beer with this. The flow began: “I read an article…” and “Did you ever try…” and “What if we add…” Yes, we said. Then we were done. In about 12 Minutes, the Destiny of this beautiful beer was cast. SERVE WITH Pairs well with fish, especially sushi and East Asian cuisines; Chèvre goat cheese; fruit deserts such as key lime pie and strawberry shortcake. TASTE Beyond the exotic flush of rosé, the botanical tartness of hibiscus flower compliments the fresh tart raspberries and the energizing citrus in this refreshing lager. The clean aromatics from the classic Saaz hops beautifully play in the vivid carbonation of the acerbically sweet subtleties in this exceptional Craft Beer. STYLE Every now and then, you should sit and enjoy a beer — unless you feel you’re too busy: then you should definitely have two. This sessionable, ruby-tinged brew is perfect for stopping the day and breathing. Steeped with heaps of hibiscus flowers, rosehips, and fresh raspberries, 12 Minutes to Destiny is a uniquely refreshing brew.


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