Bush Caractère - 330ml - 12%

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Produced by Dubuisson, this Amber Bush will take you to the powerful and deep world of the Bush range of beers! This brewery is today the oldest one in Wallonia, since the latter has been in business for 240 years!
Amber Bush stands as one of the strongest beers from Belgium. It is an amber top-fermented beer. It is mainly made of malt, hops, natural sugar and water from the underground of the brewery and unique yeast that has selfishly been preserved for 65 years.
In addition, it benefits of a maturation period from 4 to 6 weeks between brewing and bottling, purpose of refining its aromas and flavours. This strong beer pours a dark amber colour topped by a compact and impressive head.
It releases very fruity aromas of malt and caramel with scents of alcohol. In the mouth, one can smell malty and fruity flavours with notes of pear and caramel. Spicy notes also strike the palate. Light bitterness is drowned by the strong presence of the alcohol at the back of the mouth.


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