Baladin Rock’n’Roll - 330ml - 7.5%

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A delicious drink with an impressive alcohol content - 7.5%
These Baladin Rock’n’Roll beer bottles have a beautiful slightly dark yellow color, along with a smooth white foam. The foam takes a long time to dissolve, giving the enjoyment that the beer is quite quality.
The first taste that you can feel is the impressive black pepper flavor, with a bit of adorned cerals that feel quite balanced and fresh when enjoyed. Beer stands out with a blend of black pepper mixed with a bit of sweetness, creating a warm feeling when enjoyed. In addition, with its alcohol content, Baladin brings a refreshing and strong feeling to the drinker.
Produced from ingredients that are quite familiar to the majority of brewers: barley malt, hops, spices ... to create a wonderful taste that attracts drinkers to experience.


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