Bia Baladin Nazionale - 330ml - 6.5%

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Nazionale has a beautiful and attractive dark yellow color, with a rather subtle fuzzy appearance that is enough to attract drinkers. Beer with fine white foam creates a feeling of floating.
Possesses a moderate 6.5% alcohol content, enough for you to drink while slowly sipping and experiencing the special taste of beer. Nazionale possesses a delicate and balanced scent. These are the fruit, herbs and malt ingredients in beer. It is this blend that creates a gentle, wonderful fragrance that invites you to drink.
As for the taste of these Nazionale bottles, it is even more amazing. When you feel the connection between seemingly strange flavors becomes quite delicious. These include the taste like chamomile, tangerine and the final balance by hops.
The aftertaste of these Nazionale bottles is quite easy to drink, creating a sense of balance and quickly spread throughout the palate. Surely this will be a pretty good beer to conquer the most demanding diners.


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