Anderson Valley Hibiscus Roselle (Can) - 355ml - 5.5%

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This beer is inspired by the Mexican family drink Jamacia (HahMy- Cah) that many of our employees enjoyed growing up here in California. It is brewed with the hibiscus flower Roselle. This flower is used throughout the Caribbean, central America, Asia and in parts of tropical Africa for making an array of beverages and in local cuisine.

The hibiscus imparts a distinct floral aroma, a magnificent deep ruby color and a tangy flavor reminiscent of cranberries. This new beer has a mild hoppiness to help enhance its balance and a touch of oats is used to bring out a smooth silkiness in the finish. Agreeably mild in Alcohol, this beer is like no other beer you have had before it. It was made to quench the thirst of the parched traveler longing for the flavors of the tropical latitudes.


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